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About SV Agritechs

SV Agritechs initially manufacture and import the full range of systems in poultry, pig, and livestock sectors in the very important and growing Thailand market. We also export our full ranges products to many countries all over the world. Our mission is to provide the latest technology poultry equipment that will give the best performance at the most affordable price.

Our teamwork in SV Agritechs has been in the poultry equipment business in Thailand for more than 30 years. We have been at the forefront of the introduction of many innovative products of poultry equipment and systems that have proved very influential at all levels of production that have contributed to maximized productivity in Thai market. We are known widely as a Problem Solver with our mechanical and inquisitive mind. We always looking for the best technology to meet every application and meet the highest standards of specification and performance. 

"We do not only sell products,
                             we sell SOLUTIONS."

In our career, we have developed one of the most popular Pan Feeding Systems in Thailand and overseas. Our products are known in the industry for being reliable and affordable. While the majority of the producers in Thailand are still using open watering systems, such as bell drinker, we already started promoting nipple drinker to producers. Moreover, when tunnel ventilation was first introduced in Thailand many years ago, we quickly recognized that this will be the solution for chicken farmers to combat the hot climate in Thailand. We have helped countless farmers and producers to install the latest technology on their farms to achieve the best production performance they can get.


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Samutsakhon 74110, Thailand
Phone : 034-410516, 094-9324244
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SV Agritechs Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of poultry and pigs systems. Poultry feeding systems, Poultry drinking systems; broilers, breeders, layers, and ducks. Pigs systems; sows and fattening. Eggs production, Poultry processing, Feed storage and transportation, conveying system.