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Adapter for Ziggity's Drinker

If you have an old Val™, Lubing™, Plasson®, Chore-Time® or Cumberland™ watering system, chances are you can benefit from better bird, litter and product performance by upgrading to new Ziggity drinkers. We’ve designed drinkers to fit most popular brands, and you don’t need to replace your existing watering system.

Val J-Lock Drinker

Lubing Drinker

Plasson Drinker

Chore-Time Drinker

Cumberland Drinker


Helpful Poultry Watering Videos

1. Water usage VS Water consumption
Water usage is not the same as water consumption in poultry operations. Knowing the difference can be critical to bird performance.

2. Water spillage occurs when water pressure is too high.
A birds beak size limits its water intake capacity. Dramatic slow motion video shows how increasing water pressure does not necessarily mean that more water will be ingested by the bird. Instead, excess water ends up in the litter.

3. Static flow rates are proven to be meaningless and potentially counterproductive.
Controlled tests show static flow rate does not represent the way birds really drink and should not be used to manage a drinker line.



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