Pan Feeding Kick off 330º

The Kick-off 330° gives a far greater assurance for a better start as it automatically overflows all pans 330° creating superior feed access to all chicks in the house. The Kick-off 330° combined with the unique design of the pan, which presents the feed in the chicks’ eye level, offers an availability of feed which has never been seen before. LANDMECO has the patent on the 330° solution, where the specific design of the pan utilizes the momentum of the feed to create an automatically overflow on the outside of the pan 330° making the feed easy accessible and visible to all chicks from day 1.


Pan Feeding Kick off 160º

LANDMECOs unique pan feeding system is designed as simply and functionally as possible in order to ease the work of the poultry producer. The most unique features are the two patented functionalities: Kick-off: Centrally controlled overfilling of all pans at the same time, ensuring the best start for the day-old chicks. Easy-Clean: The system also provides the possibility of bringing all pans on a feed line into cleaning position by one single operation (central rotation of the pipe), which simultaneously closes all outlets. LANDMECOs pans must not be disassembled for cleaning.