The modern feeding system, designed to last longer than 10 years. Especially Feeder Pan is made of high-quality material which is resistant to acid, alkali and impact. The Systems are designed for user-friendly. There is End Control with two Micro Switches. The selected gear has four gearwheels, it is more durable and long-lasting than normal gear. It also can be connected to Auto Feed System that can work perfectly.

          Micro Switch made in Japan High accuracy in commanding control and the second Micro Switch is a safety switch to prevent danger during servicing the system. Easy-to-use, you can see the system operation from the control panel and can analyze the initial problem immediately in case of system malfunctions.

“Each line is independently controlled. The lines will fill automatically without requiring all end control pans to be out of feed”



SV Automatic Feeder Pan

⦁ Feed pan is simple to assemble, adjust and operate.
⦁ Made of high quality material which is resistant to acid, alkali and impact.
⦁ Feeder grills provides easy access to the feed for broilers of all ages.
⦁ More than 15 years life span.



Intermediate Control Pan
Designed specifically for use during brooding. Allowing food to be delivered to the brood area, saves labor and no residual food in areas where there are no chicks. Micro Switch sensor made in Japan.


SV End Control Pan (2 Sensor Switch)
Highly accurate Japanese made micro switch automatically controls the feeder lines. A separate safety switch prevents the system from turning while servicing the end control.




SV Control Panel
User friendly design. Operator can monitor the system operation from the indicators on the control panel. In case of a problem, it can be analyzed immediately and resolve quickly.