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HVLS Fans – SV Skywind

HVLS (High volume, Low Speed) industrial fans Applications:

  • Warehouse/Factory/Manufacturer Plants
  • Distribution Center & Loading Docks
  • Retail Facilities
  • Community Malls
  • Educational Facilities, Public / School Hall
  • Airport & Aviation Hangers
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Garment & Weaving Factory
  • Food court, Cafeteria, Canteen, Dining Hall
  • Sport Complex, Indoor Arena’s, Gymnasiums, Workout/Gym Facilities
  • Showroom, Expo/Exhibition
  • Place of worship/Temple
  • Agricultural/Equine/Dairy

Fan model (diameter)
7.3 m (24 ft)
6.1 m (20 ft)
5.5 m (18 ft)
4.9 m (16 ft)
3.7 m (12 ft)

** Other sizes please do not hesitate to contact us for more information **

Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) (TIS 934-2558)





Cooling Principle & Function of Large Industrial Fan
Natural cooling & ventilation concept combined with modern aviation wing technology, through the big HVLS fan slowly rotating to move all-round air flow, resulting in continuous, three-dimensional wind circulation.

Large area of breeze-air flow to speed up human body sweat evaporation rate, resulting in natural cooling, just like people feeling the cool sea breeze after swim out of the sea water, so that the surface of the human skin has a temperature difference of 4-5 degrees. In addition, optimal industrial hvls fan’s unique structure, by changing wind speed to reduce personal hot feelings while maintaining the body of water, thereby increasing the comfort feeling of the human body.

For our large industrial hvis fan, we are seeking the feelings of human comfort, that is, the breeze air take away the amount of the body sweat & speed to determine the degree of comfort.

Core Technology
The hub
— is the mother safety of large industrial HVLS fan, continuously improve the hub connection mechanism to ensure the overall fans’ best safety factor & maximum security.

Motor reducer – world top Brand Germany Nord exclusive customized

Control system – All control components use top brand products, excellence