Lightning Systems


Lightning Systems

Proper lighting intensity and light color create a good production and increase value for your poultry, livestock and mushrooms.

1. Flicker Free LED tube does not flicker at 100Hz frequency. This does not cause light flickering that bother chickens and make the chicken dazzle. Benefits, to calm the chickens, better growth and feed conversion rate.
* Since chicken eyes can be visible the lights lower than 205Hz (meaning 205 frames / per second) Poultry are more sensitive to flickering light than humans.

2. IP67 Waterproof LED tube make in full PC(polycarbonate) pipe with silicone ring. Resistant to Ammonia Gas and some cleaning chemicals – transparent, flexible and durable.

3. Two Color Switchable Light Tube. (optional)

4. IP67 Waterproof Rubber cable, Fireproof and Anti-aging cable, customized length for customer. []

5. IP67 waterproof socket.

6. Parallel electrical circuit connection.

7. The Dimmer Controller can simulate sunrise and sunset. This results in the closest artificial lighting can come to natural sunlight. The light can be adjusted from 0-100%. Dimmer devices are available in both programmable and manual.




Tl2 · IP67 · Dimmable · Two Color Switchable
LED Poultry Light For Floor Chickens

Product description
Each poultry house has its own lighting demands, requiring a proper lighting intensity and light color. The light should suit the phase in production and the type of poultry house, then can create a good production and increase value for poultry.


  • Withstand steam and water leaks
  • IP67 waterproof index, standing for high pressure water jet Against cleaning chemicals and ammonia gas resistance High power factor (PF>95)
  • Long lifespan time >50,000 hrs
  • 5year warranty
  • Certificate SAA CE ROHS

Mainly used in Chicken farm, pig house, turkey farm, mushroom house


Suggested color for chicken farm


SV Agritechs’s Customer Broiler Farm in Thailand



Flicker Free in LED Poultry Lighting

Chickens’ eyes are sensitive to the change of light. Chickens are affected by duration, intensity and spectrum of light. Lighting is one of the most important farming input on influencing the production of the meat, egg and other protein sources.


Flicker is the term used for the rapid and repeated modulation of light output from a source. The principle source of flicker is the periodic variation in AC mains operated lamp output, at twice the AC frequency. Lamps operating on AC electric systems (alternating current) produce light flickering at a frequency of 12o Hertz (Hz, cycles per second), twice the power line frequency of 60 Hz (50 Hz in many countries outside North America). Essentially, the power is turning on and off 120 times a second (actually the voltage varies from +120 volts 10 – 120 volts, 60 times or cycles a second and is at zero volts twice in one cycle).



Dimmer Controller

New Poultry Lighting systems are developed with the research on Chicken’s physiological feature and the field trips on customers’ farm around the world.

Our LED poultry lighting aims to provide poultry with optimal lighting systems that enable chicken growth in happy and healthy lighting environment.


Dimmer Controller is available in both Programmable and Manual configurations



Pig Farm Lighting

Why LED Light is good for pig/swine growth?

Physiology of the porcine eye suggest that the domesticated pig is best adapted for dim levels of natural light. Pig have dichromatic vision, in the pig’s eye there are two sets of cones that give the animal peak wavelength sensitivity at 439 nm {blue color) and 556 nm (green color). The photoreceptors in a pig’s eye cannot detect the red color (>650 nm).

Evidence shows that pigs have poorer color perception than humans and in particular a reduced sensitivity to the red end of the spectrum. There is little research into the effect of colored lights on pig production. In cases where red light has been used, pigs respond as though in darkness.

One key benefit of LED lighting is the ability to dim the lights, providing dawn and dusk periods, reducing the competition for food when lights are switched on in the morning and reducing potentially startling effects when lights are switched on or off.

  • IP67 Waterproof grade, stand for high pressure water jet
  • Amnonia Gas and other cleaning chemical resistance.






  • Withstand steam and water leaks
  • IP67 steam and ammonias resistant
  • Specially design for mushroom house
  • Operation temp:-20 C-50 C
  • Storage temp:-30 ‘C-95 ‘C
  • Steaming temp:95c MAX



Examples of installations from SV Agritechs’s Customer Broiler Farm in Thailand


Examples of installations from various farms