Pulse Flushing


Pulse Flushing Machine

Pulse Flushing Machine is an air pressure water jet developed by adopting the concept of poultry watering system flushing to increase the efficiency of pipe cleaning. Highly effective at removing residual biofilms in the pipes as much as possible, as quickly as possible at the lowest cost.

This is another innovation that SV AGRITECHS has sought, and discovered to reduce chemical costs, labor costs, and save time.



Inside water pipe:


The best pipe cleaning methods:

No. 1 : Use Harsonic
No. 2 : Use Pulse Flushing Machine together with Hydrogen Peroxide
No. 3 : Use Pulse Flushing Machine for cleaning.
No. 4 : Soak the pipes in Hydrogen Peroxide Solution for 24 hours
No. 5 : Flush the water pipes every day with normal pressure water.